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To develop Picturing the 1930s, we drew upon the valuable expertise and assistance of many people.


Smithsonian American Art Museum


Curatorial Office
Virginia Mecklenburg, Senior Curator


Education Office
Susan Nichols, Lunder Education Chair
Sherwood Dowling, Assistant Chair, Education Technology
Carlos Parada, Main Developer.
Patrick Martin, Education Specialist
Phoebe Kline, Docent
Michael Perekrestov, Intern
Mary Tait, Intern


Publications Office
Tiffany Farrell, Editor


Information Technology Office
Catherine Beverly, New Media Specialist

University of Virginia
Bill Ferster, Director, Primary Access

Primary Source Learning
Rhonda Bondie-Clevenson, Executive Director

Weinberg Center for the Arts
John Healey, Executive Manager

Music, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections
Jeff Place, Archivist
Stephanie D.L. Smith, Visual Materials Archivist


Project coordinator

Woody Dowling


Storyboards and Working Models

Carlos Parada

Michael Perekrestov


3D Design and 3D MAX Modeling,

Video Production in HD, green screen and video compositing.

Carlos Parada


Flash CS4 Programming for Virtual Theater

Carlos Parada

Carlos Gomez


Primary Access

Created by Bill Ferster.



Mary Tait

Virginia Mecklenburg

Tiffany Farrell

Phoebe Kline

Susan Nichols

Carlos Parada

Patrick Martin

Bill Ferster

Rhonda Bondie-Clevenson


For questions about this project: paradac[@]si.edu


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