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Distant Learning

Student Artworks: Artful Connections

Seventh grade students at Gillette Road Middle School in Cicero, NY participated in a three-part program that begins with a videoconference of American Signs and Symbols. After delving into the symbols in Bartholdi's maquette and Zeldis' painting, art teacher Elizabeth Abbott challenged her students to create a work that involves appropriation and personal symbols. Each student also wrote their own artist's statement to accompany the artwork. In a reverse presentation, the student artists shared their work with docents at American Art.

The experience of presenting their artwork to the museum involved: writing, public speaking, and answering impromptu questions during their presentations. The docents offered critiques and suggestions with each student artwork.

Artful Connections

Brendan P., Detail of The Sunset of Liberty. Full image on Flickr.

The Sunset of Liberty

I gave this painting its name because two of the most noticeable things are Liberty and the sunset. If you look at my painting, you may notice the Arch D'Triumph and the Eiffel tower. I put them there because I take French and I like Paris. I added a soccer ball as the torch and a soccer field, because I play soccer. For the tablet I put an iPad because I have an iPod and like apple products. I put a Tampa Bay sign because I have relatives in Tampa and go there every year. Radio city was put in my painting because, I like music. I added the river, because I have a camp on an island in the St. Lawrence River. For the points, I put party hats because my family has a lot of parties and get together. I added a theme park in the background, because I go to theme parks a lot. There is also a roller coaster in the front. For an element I used color in the sunset. For the principle, I used movement in the dress and in the sunset. - Brendan P.

Artful Connections

Grace N., Detail of The Liberty of Life. Full image on Flickr.

The Liberty of Life

In the "Liberty of Life", I used many symbols. I replaced the tablets with a book, because school means a lot to me. Then I replaced the torch with a softball, because softball is also a big part in my life. You are probably wondering why there are trees in the background. This is because I love the outdoors. Also there is a number four in the sky and fireworks. The fireworks represent me, because this is where I was born. In my painting, I used unity because I feel everything comes together like in the sky. I feel like the mixture of blues and violets mix well together. I also used color in my painting. I used color all over but mostly in my sky with the fireworks. I picked these colors because they looked nice together and really stand out. I hope you enjoy my painting as much as I enjoyed painting it. -Grace N.

Artful Connections

Jim M., Detail of Marine Liberty. Full image on Flickr.

Marine Liberty

This project is meaningful to me, because I have always wanted to be a Marine since I was about five years old. What this painting says about me is that I'm patriotic for one thing, and I have a great passion for the Marines. In the right hand of my Liberty, I put an old 1900's bayonet sword that was used in old wars and parades. In the left hand of my Liberty, I put a rule book that you most follow to be a Marine. In the background, I put an American flag to show patriotism and my love for this country. I used color and texture under the flag to represent the top of the dirt. I made this area darker to make it look as real as possible. I used the principle of emphasis by drawing the Marine bigger and towards the front. I hope you enjoyed. - Jim M.

Artful Connections

Sarah A., Detail of Sleepy Night. Full image on Flickr.

Sleepy Night

In my painting, "Sleepy Night", you will learn about some of my motives for why I put certain things where they are, and why I chose certain colors. In the background, I have a night sky, because night is my favorite time of day. There is also a quilt. I put a quilt in this piece to show comfort and warmth. On the crown, the rays are moons which symbolize night time and when we should be asleep. On my statue, I drew a cape made out of blanket much like the quilt in the background. The cape is meant to show comfort and warmth. In the statues left hand there is a pillow, which represents how much sleep is important to your health. On her right hand there is a teddy bear; this shows how even though I may seem too old, there is still a part of me that's a kid. On element I used in this piece is value. I used this on the statue's robe to show shadows. One principle I used was emphasis, I used this in certain parts of the quit to make it catch attention. I draw your attention by using different colors. To me this piece represents my love for night time and how sleep is important. I hope you enjoyed it. - Sarah A.

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