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Distance Learning

2017 Student Artworks: DoDEA

The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted its fifth annual student art competition for all students in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools, world-wide. In total, the Museum received 68 student submissions for the contest from nine schools located in New York, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Belgium, Italy, Bahrain, Japan, and Guam.

DoDEA students and teachers, along with Smithsonian American Art Museum staff, voted on the submissions to select the winners for the Elementary (Grades 1-5), Middle (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12) levels.

The Museum is highly impressed with the students' visions, works, and efforts and is proud to feature them on our website. Below are the images of the Gold-medal winners from each age group, as well as the names of the Silver-medal and Bronze-medal winners and Honorable Mentions. Please visit our Distance Learning: Student Gallery on Flickr to see images of all the winning artworks.

Elementary School: Invent a Solution

Students identified a problem that exists in their school, their community, or the world and created something to help solve that problem.

Doggie Go Bell

Doggie Go Bell by Kiera, winner of the “Invent a Solution” contest

GOLD: Kiera, West Point Elementary School (New York)
SILVER: Maria, West Point Elementary School (New York)
BRONZE: Allyana, McCool Elementary/Middle School (Guam)
HONORABLE MENTION: Savannaha, Fort Rucker Elementary School (Alabama)

Middle School: Shaping Our World

Students created an artwork that represents a person, place, thing, or idea that has a profound impact — positive, negative, or mixed — on our contemporary world.

Nowhere to go

Nowhere to go by Noah, winner of the “Shaping Our World” contest

GOLD: Noah, Faith Middle School (Georgia)
SILVER: Miahann, Faith Middle School (Georgia)
BRONZE: Krystal, Vicenza Middle School (Italy)
HONORABLE MENTION: Karson, Vicenza Middle School (Italy)

High School: Speak Out

Students created an artwork that gives “voice” to a social, cultural, or political issue.

Bad Turtle Food

Bad Turtle Food by Irene, winner of the “Speak Out” contest

GOLD: Irene, SHAPE High School (Belgium)
SILVER: Safiya, Bahrain School (Bahrain)
BRONZE: Maddy, SHAPE High School (Belgium)
HONORABLE MENTION: Peter, Fort Knox High School (Kentucky)

To see images of all of this year’s winners as well as previous years’ winners, please visit our Flickr gallery by following the links below: