Drawing for Southwest Pieta
Luis Jiménez
Death Cart
Luis Tapia
Cocina Jaiteca
Larry Yañez
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Pedro Antonio Fresquís
Anima (Alma/Soul)
Ana Mendieta
Sueño (Dream: Eve before Adam)
Alfredo Arreguín
Mis Hermanos
Jesse Treviño
Granite Weaving
Jesús Bautista Moroles
Sun Mad
Ester Hernández
Farm Workers' Altar
Emanuel Martínez
Somos la Luz
Charles "Chaz" Bojórquez
The Protagonist of an Endless Story
Angel Rodríguez-Díaz

Mis Hermanos
Jesse Treviño

The Chicano artist Jesse Treviño came from Monterrey, Mexico, to the United States as a child with his family. Later, while a student at the Art Students League in New York City, he was drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces and sent to Vietnam. There he was seriously injured, losing his right arm when his platoon was hit by sniper fire. He spent two years in hospitals recovering from his injuries and learning to paint with his left hand. He enrolled in a drawing course at San Antonio College and continued to learn to paint and draw with his left hand. Eventually, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Our Lady of the Lake University and a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Subjects for the artist’s striking paintings usually include contemporary street scenes, buildings, and people from the Mexican American barrios (neighborhoods) of San Antonio, as in Mis Hermanos. In essence, his paintings, rendered in a style described as both realistic and photorealistic, are snapshots that capture the experience of community life for Mexican Americans today. He describes his work:

The Chicano community is an integral part of the family structure  and a social organization providing a point of reference for my work. The images are a natural outgrowth of interrelating my environment with the family structure. These very personal portraits are also visual representations of the diverse aspects of the Chicano culture.

Note: For quote, see Canadian Club Hispanic Tour, exhibition catalogue, El Museo del Barrio, 1984, n.p.


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