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Earth and Sky: Photographs by Barbara Bosworth

Born in Novelty, Ohio in 1953, Barbara Bosworth names the deep forest surrounding her family's home as the earliest influence on her photography. She works like a naturalist, collecting specimens of flora and fauna, tracing the profiles of mountains and rivers, taking careful measure of the world with her lens. Rather than a simple accumulation of facts, however, her photographs describe a world far richer than the sum of its parts. Bosworth seeks fluid, transient elements of the landscape that are less easily categorized, unfolding a personal and spiritual connection to the world around us. Her prints, made exclusively with a large-format view camera, capture the afternoon light shimmering though the forest canopy or the mercury-like surface of a river with elegance and emotional resonance. This exhibition surveys two decades of her career, revealing an artist who speaks with a singular passion and sentiment for the American landscape.

Haluk Soykan and Elisa Frederickson generously donated the photographs in this exhibition. The Bernie Stadiem Endowment Fund supports the exhibition of Earth and Sky: Photographs by Barbara Bosworth.

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