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Campfire Stories with George Catlin


The Smithsonian American Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the generous support provided for the exhibition, publication, Website, multimedia, and education programs.

The Anschutz Foundation
Joan and Bert Berkley
Helen and Peter Bing
Ann and Tom Cousins
Shelby and Frederick Gans
Paula and Peter Lunder
Betty and Whitney MacMillan
Judith and Charles Moore
Barbro and Bernard Osher
Margaret and Terry Stent
Turner Foundation, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts National Endowment for the Arts
Smithsonian Research Resources Program
Smithsonian Special Exhibitions Fund
Smithsonian Women's Committee

The Museum especially thanks colleagues at the National Museum of the American Indian for their close collaboration and assistance throughout the preparation of George Catlin and His Indian Gallery.

Many others offered valuable expertise and assistance in the development of this Web site.

Campfire Guest Interviews

Teacher Advisory Council

Technical Assistance

Smithsonian American Art Museum staff



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