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Lesson Plan Table of Contents

Leadership—Past and Present

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Identify attributes of leadership orally.
  • Learn about contemporary and historical Native American leaders.
  • Develop Internet researching skills by utilizing the Internet to write an essay.

Standards: English Language Arts.

Skills Addressed: Linguistic, Spatial, Interpersonal.

Interdisciplinary Connections: Social Studies.

Length: One fifty-minute class period.

Materials: Internet and/or library access.

Products: Essay on leadership.

Content Introduction: Catlin painted Indians who were famous in American Indian history—men such as Black Hawk, the Sac and Fox chief, and vanquished leader of the so-called Black Hawk War; Kee-o-kúk, who replaced Black Hawk as chief of the Sac and Fox; Os-ce-o-lá, war leader of the Seminoles; the Mandan chief Four Bears; the Hidatsa chief Black Moccasin; Buffalo Bull's Backfat, head chief of the Blood Indians, and the Grand Pawnee leader, Horse Chief. In his Letters and Notes, Catlin described their generosity, hospitality, and politeness and their positions as chiefs and leaders with honor and integrity. Wilma Mankiller and W. Richard West are among the contemporary Indian leaders speaking in the campfire stories on this web site. Identifying past and present leadership qualities promotes understanding of leaders in traditional and contemporary societies. At the same time, it fosters development of personal leadership qualities.

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Lesson Plan Table of Contents

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