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Campfire Stories with George Catlin

Additional Credits

Participating Smithsonian American Art Museum staff include:

George Gurney, Curator
Laura Cummings, Research Assistant
Paul Ruther, Research Assistant

Woody Dowling, Head of New Media Learning Environments
Louise Belcher, docent
Linda Maxwell, Education Specialist
Richard Murray, Senior Art Historian
Faye Powe, Public Programs Coordinator
Mary Jo Relic, docent

Rob Billingsley, Chief, Information Technology Office
Jeff Gates, Head of New Media Initiatives
Cathy Beverly, New Media Specialist
Christine Fisher, New Media Specialist
Josh Goldblum, New Media Specialist

Theresa Slowik, Chief, Publications Office
Mary Cleary, Senior Editor
Robert Killian, Graphic Designer
Valerie Kritter, Publications Assistant
Tiffany Larbalestier, Editor
Sara Mauger, Editorial Assistant
Karen Siatris, Graphic Designer
Aimee Soubier, Editorial Assistant

Kelly Guerrero, Exhibits Graphic Designer
Scott Rosenfeld, Exhibits Lighting Specialist

Mary Ellen Guerra, Collections Database Administrator
Summer Orndorff, Collection Database Assistant
Elizabeth Peters, Collection Database Assistant

Museum Interns:
Laurel Damashek, Publications Intern
Jessica Hawkins, Publications Intern
Brigid Hendricks, Publications Intern
Tami Moore, Publications Intern
Kendall Scully, Publications Intern
Andrea White, Publications Intern

Ashle Fauvre, Education Intern
Carrie Gloudemans, Education Intern
Amy Himes, Education Intern
Friederike Kärcher, Education Intern
Meghan MacNeil, Education Intern
Nancy Peterson, Education Intern
Susannah Wallace, Education Intern

Jon Immel, New Media Intern

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