About Meet Me at Midnight

What is “Meet Me at Midnight”?

“Meet Me at Midnight” is an interactive online adventure that takes place in an animated Smithsonian American Art Museum. Intended for children age 8 to 10 years, the site presents a perplexing scenario. An artwork—the dreaded Root Monster—comes alive and wreaks havoc in the galleries overnight. Visitors choose a friend—a character that has been separated from its artwork—to help aright the mixed-up museum and find its way back home.

Ok, its time to move on.Every friend takes kids on a vivid journey through the museum’s art collection, while imparting key concepts in American art.  With this Web site, we hope to encourage youngsters, their teachers, and caretakers to visit art museums—whether in Washington, D.C., or in their own neighborhoods—and see artworks in person. By reaching out to young audiences in this playful online project, the Smithsonian American Art Museum wants to foster an abiding appreciation for American art and artists.