Kids Activity Guide

Root Monster Mayhem

In the Meet Me at Midnight Web site, the Root Monster has a treasure chest of art from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

If you were the Root Monster, what artworks would you pick for your treasure chest? Which pieces do you think are the best?

Explore American Art! Visit the Museum or the Web site

Visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum
First, plan a visit. Using the Web site, you can preview many different styles of American art.

When you visit the museum in person, take photos or draw pictures of your favorite artworks, then choose your favorites to include in your treasure chest.

Don't forget to stop by and see the Root Monster in the first floor gallery of folk art!

Visit the Web site
If you can't visit the museum, you can search for American art using the Smithsonian American Art Museum's online collection search.

You can search by:

Pick your three favorite artworks and describe why you would put them in your treasure chest of the best American Art. You can include photos of the art from the Web site, plus the Root Monster himself!