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art/009.cfm art/010.cfm art/017.cfm art/018.cfm art/019.cfm art/020.cfm art/021.cfm art/022.cfm
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art/048.cfm art/049.cfm art/050.cfm art/057.cfm art/064.cfm art/065.cfm art/066.cfm art/067.cfm
art/068.cfm art/069.cfm art/070.cfm art/071.cfm art/072.cfm art/073.cfm art/074.cfm art/077.cfm
art/081.cfm art/082.cfm art/083.cfm

Enjoy this slide show for the exhibition Multiplicity. In addition to the 83 artworks on view in the galleries, this slide show includes images of the complete sets of prints in our collection by R. Luke DuBois, Martin Puryear, and Kara Walker. Only some of these are part of the gallery show. This multimedia feature has a total of 138 images. There are 51 thumbnails divided in 7 groups.


Click on the item image to get the full size versions. Thumbnails with a red border represent an item with multiple images.


Read more about this exhibition here.